editing enemylines 6 levels:

The level editor is actually included.
Just decided to keep it simple and don't expose it until there is demand for it.
So that might change with the next release.

If you wanna try it anyway:

get the editor version(not tested much)
you have to edit a few values in tweak/tweak_release.cc
run tweak/ui.tcl (wish ui.tcl - requires Itcl and Iwidgets ) to run the tweak user interface and set the following values: alternatively you can also simply edit val.txt!

coloredcubes_i to return 1
draw_all_i to return 1
editmode_i to return 1
playmode_i to return 0
particle_count_i to 0

changes get reread at runtime

How the editor works:

It's basic octtree geometry. A cube is divided into 8 subcubes and so on
Click to select a cube
1 to toggle state
2 to split
3 to merge
F2 to save ( to ./save and ./backup/save_timestamp)
F4 to load ( from ./data/save )
l to go to next level

that's basically it
it's crude and crash prone ... there is a better version in another game that i'll probably backport for an eventual next release
would be nice to get a few levels ... to include them and to play them ... haven't got much myself beyond my own levels :/
let me know if there are any problems