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Abstract topdown shooter.
In true enelin tradition I had the urge to write something quick and experimental so upon stumbling over the tigsource procedural content competition I created this little game.
To ensure this would be a short project I set a few additional requirements:
One source file
No external resources
No libs except SDL and OpenGL

lacks audio, in-game restart, a proper story, ... had a deadline to meet.

The game is a fairly straight forward shooter in a somewhat randomly created world.
The world's inhabitants are created from 1-4 segments of various types which define their behaviour and capabilities.
There are segments for moving, shooting, aiming, reproducing, ...
Their position within the creature has an effect as well.
Destroyed creatures sometimes leave segments behind ( triangles ) - you can pick those up (right click when you are above them) and upgrade your vehicle.
The creatures are built from an evolving and randomly adapted blueprint.
There are a number of keys to be found - 3 of which you need to finish the game.
The map contains various locations - dangerous and beneficial ones and some that help you find the keys.

The game is controlled only with the mouse.
You move in the direction of the mouse cursor. The farther it is from the window center the faster you move.
Use the left mouse button to fire.
At the beginning you only have a limited amount of strong long distance shots.
If you run out of those you will shoot weak short distance shots.

screenshot - screenshot - screenshot - screenshot - annotated help screenshot

GPL licensed

updated v0.7 contains tips, ammo feedback and is a bit easier

by r. weber ( pi_raph a t yahoo com ) et al. - : hosting/impressum :)