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enelin 8
Scifi 3d-shooter. Blast your way through walls and enemies with your shuttle

Cryptic distress call from the moon Beya B4 -
normally inhabited only by robotic mining drones -
You set out to investigate -
The drones attack you -
Blast your way through walls and defenses ,with your well-armed shuttle, deeper down into the robotic mining facility towards the source of the distress signal.

It's mostly about blowing holes into the destructible environment

We are only at 0.3 so far ... this isnt much more than a playable prototype!
It has a few glitches, it's not optimized much and it is just one very short level. Play at your own risk.

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requires SDL/Opengl/SDL_image/freetype
Note: This one is NOT open-source/GPL-licensed.
It's a binary only release ! ( At least for now )
Just felt like adding a "Freeware" title to the mix
We'll see how that works out.

There will no doubt be problems with this binary release.
email me about what problems you encounter ( address at bottom) and i'll hopefully get some experience with this.

Update: included a libstdc++ with LD_LIBRARY_PATH
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